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Cassady Round Kitchen Table and Chairs

Casual contemporary appeal in a small round table and chairs, perfect for optimizing your space in a small kitchen. The round, cambered leg table effortlessly pairs with the curves of arched and slatted back chairs, each piece individually crafted and finished by hand. Made from high grade woods and stains, the beauty of the wood grain literally glows from each piece of this kitchen or dining furniture.

Cassady 5 Piece Kitchen Set

Cassady 5 Piece Kitchen Set

Small table and chairs set includes a kitchen table and 4 chairs. Sizes include a 42" round table or larger.

Starting at: $1,710.00

Product No.: FFND111C1C11

Special Pricing!

Cassady Round Kitchen Table

Cassady Round Kitchen Table

Solid wood kitchen table. Available as a 42" round table, 48" round table or 54" round table. Expandable table option.

Starting at: $852.15

Product No.: FFND111C1C14

Cassady Dining Chairs

Cassady Dining Chairs

Unusually appealing solid wood chairs that are high quality handcrafted chairs for any dining or kitchen setting.

Starting at: $1,162.80

Product No.: FFND111C1C15

Set includes 2 of each