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A patio set is a lovely feature for any outdoor space. The process of choosing your outdoor patio furniture should not be tiresome. Cabinfield Fine Furniture has a creative and simple option for making a beautiful patio set with no fuss. The South Haven – Make Your Own Suite Patio Set along with our professional and friendly customer service team will walk you through the creation of your patio set step by step. The process with Cabinfield is enjoyable and simple and in the end you will end up with a personalized patio set that will suite your outdoor space no matter the size or location!

 Start with the main furniture.

The main patio furniture pieces should be your first choice. Look at your outdoor space and take some measurements. Sketching out a floor plan with the measurements will not only help you bring your vision into perspective but help the customer service team assist you  should you have any questions. While looking at the pieces that interest you in click on “more specs” and you will see the measurements of the individual pieces. Don’t forget to keep these tables in mind! We offer tables that will coordinate with the patio furniture and space for them will need to be taken into consideration when planning your outdoor space. This will give you an idea of your best choices for your outdoor space.

Choose your coordinated accessories.

The coordinated pieces for the The South Haven – Make Your Own Suite Patio Set range from umbrellas to pillows! Look at your floor plan and think about what you use your outdoor space for the most when deciding on the accessories you need. If your space as a great deal of sun for long intervals an umbrella is a good choice. Do you enjoy a little extra comfort for long periods of sitting? Some extra pillows are always lovely. All the accessories can be created to match the main pieces.

Personalize your set!

Cabinfield offers many color and fabric choice options. All can be combined to create the perfect patio set for your outdoor space. Our website showcases the colors and patterns of  the high end luxurious fabric available.  Mix and match the solid colors with the coordinated patterns to create a brilliant and stylish set. The cushions are deep seated with a choice of five inch or seven inch deep cushions. We even offer smaller details such as cup holders.

The South Haven – Make Your Own Suite Patio Set  is a wonderful way to create the best patio set for your personal outdoor space. Our Amish made patio sets are made with traditional Amish craftsmanship and high quality material. Contact our customer service team to start planning your outdoor space now.






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