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If you are interested in decorating your home in a special way as you step into 2018, it is important for you to know which colors are going to be the trending home decor colors 2018. You need to know which colors are going to be in and you need to figure out how they will work in your home and with your personal tastes. The new year is all about being colorful. If you have decorated your home in a neutral-colored way in the past, it is time for you to change that. It is time for you to be bold in the way that you decorate.

Bright fuchsia and bold blues are in right now, and the two work well with a solid brown color.

Amish furniture is often made of brown wood, and it looks beautiful when accented with Pantone’s color of the year ultra violet accented with blue.  Consider placing an Amish made rocker in one of your bedrooms and then drape a blanket of ultra violet over that rocker. Add a blue painting to the wall of the room, and you have a room that is stylish, trendy, and comfortable. Think about your own tastes and figure out how you can work in ultra violet and blue.

Another bold color trend of 2018 is bright green, sunny yellow, and interesting oranges and greens.

If you are looking to bring a number of colors into a single room, you have to figure out ways of doing that without overwhelming the room with too much color. Look for small accents that are colorful and that can easily be added to the room. Consider placing a bold piece of decor on top of a simple, Amish made end table. There are a number of ways that you can use trendy colors in a room without overdoing it and making the room appear messy.

 You want to make all of the rooms in your home comfortable.

You should use the colors that you add to your home in a way that will help you to relax and feel comfortable. Do not follow the trends so boldly that you end up with a home that makes you feel tense. Your home should feel like your own and it should help you relax and be comfortable. Pick your favorites of the trending colors and use those to accent your home space.

If you are going to decorate your home with the trending home decor colors for 2018, you should start by setting your home up with solid furniture.

Amish made furniture is well made and it will add to your home in big ways. Find pieces that you love and that are solid in their design. Fill your home with Amish made furniture and then add decor to that furniture. A colorful throw looks beautiful on an Amish made bed. A bold throw pillow will add much to a new Amish made chair. Pick out your Amish made furniture and then complete the decorating process.

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