How to utilize your Amish furniture for a New Year’s Eve party

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A wonderful event easily celebrated with friends and family at home is New Year’s Eve. Setting up your home to be able to have guests for entertaining does not have to be stressful or expensive. These three simple tips will make a New Year’s Eve party an easy and fun event.

Use everyday furniture

Utilizing everyday Amish furniture in unique ways will make accommodating guests an easy task. An kitchen island is a lovely way to serve food. Setting up a self-serve meal for guests is the simplest way to provide refreshments for guests and be able to still enjoy the celebration. Using the natural flow of a kitchen islands guests can come in and serve themselves and easily move on to the designated area for enjoying their meal. If a kitchen island is not available a dining room table is another wonderful option. Place food in the center family style and bring the table into the center of the room to allow the food to be easily accessible to guests.

Hints for setting up rooms for entertaining

Setting up the rooms in your home should start with removing items. Place items not needed for the celebration or easily breakable  elsewhere in your home for the night. Removing items will make room for extra dining room chairs, side tables, and guests.  Set up the room primarily used for consuming food and beverages liberally with coasters, trash bins, and decorative napkins. In addition,  you  consider setting up a room for: the adults to eat and visit, a child friendly room, and a place for outerwear. The dining room chairs can be brought into the living room for extra seating.

How to end the night

The end of the night can be awkward for people hosting a New Year’s Eve celebration. There are a few simple ways to signal to guests discreetly that the night is coming to an end. Start by lowering any music that may be playing and turn any dimmed lights back up. If gift bags are being giving, bring them out and casually place them on an Amish hallway table by the door. Another option is to stop refilling food dishes and beverages about an hour before you would like the party to end.

Using these few simple tips and hints will make hosting a New Year’s Eve celebration enjoyable for you and your guests. Look at your home before the party and think creatively!  Use the natural flow of your home.

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