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With 2018 fast approaching it is the perfect time to develop a plan for your home in the upcoming year. By planning a head and writing down goals and desires much of the headache and stress can be taken out of the equation. A lovely hint that can make the planning process enjoyable is to set up a home decor book that: notes, lists, color swatches, and inspiration photos can be places and organized. Breaking up the goals into small sections and tackling them one by one increases the enjoyment of the process and decreases the stress.

Upgrading Rooms: One of the first home decor goals that should be taken into consideration is upgrading or refreshing specific rooms. Start by making a list in order of importance the rooms that you would like to update in the new year. One lovely way to refresh a room is to update the walls. Strong Blues, Greens, and purples with a complementing  neutral color are the trending colors for 2018. The other way to refresh a room is to take a good hard look at your furniture. Is it time to get your sofas and recliners professional cleaned? Is it time to consider a new Amish sofa? Do your pieces complement each other? Should the layout of your room be rearranged?  These simple questions can help guide you in bringing your home into a new light!

Minimizing Unwanted Items: An important home decor goal for the new year should always be letting go of unused and unwanted items. Ask yourself “Do you need it?”.  Make a list per room of items you do not use and may not even need. Be ruthless! Be honest! If possible move all items on the list into storage and live without them for short time. This will let you know if you can live with out them. Another way to downsize is to empty the closets. Pull everything out of the closet and sort into categories by how much you use them. (i.e. daily, monthly, yearly, never.) Weeding out the unwanted an unused items will open up space for newer fresher pieces, like clothing or maybe even an Amish dresser or bed.

Planning Your Outdoor Space: Amish outdoor furniture and seating  is an important part of any home regardless of size and should be included in home decor goals. Start be mapping out your lawn and patio space on a piece of paper with exact measurements. Think about how you would like to use your outdoor space and if you’re in the market for new Amish patio furniture, for example.  Place practical application of the outdoor space first when planning your outdoor space. By being practical first you get the most out of the space you have available. Outdoor seating is an important practical consideration. Outdoor seating not only needs to be comfortable but needs to be durable and long lasting. Other planning thoughts that should be considered are who will be using the space? Does your outdoor space need to be kid or pet friendly?

Staying organized and taking the process one step at a time will make setting your home decor goal for 2018 enjoyable. Find a process that works for you and go one step at time. Bring the entire house hold into the process. By allowing others to help update your home the work will be more easily managed.





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