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No matter the size or style of your business there are certain must have pieces of furniture that are must haves. These pieces will give a certain comfort to clients walking in the door. Custom made office furniture will say to your clients “I am a serious business owner” without losing the aesthetic appeal or personal style of your office. Our office furniture is created with you and your clients in mind – professional, comfortable, beautiful, and individualized. Handmade Amish office furniture is an investment.

Client chairs are incredible important for any business. Whether these chairs are for a waiting room, conference room, or a spot for a customer to sit by your desk they should be comfortable and make a statement.  Client chairs  should be with your customers needs in mind. Cabinfield Fine Furniture’s client chairs are not only made with all the traditional Amish Craftsmanship but are professionally designed to bring comfort and professionalism to your office. The seat cushion is thick in density to provide the utmost client comfort. Fabric can be customized to suit the style of your office.

Every business needs a conference table. This piece of furniture is a must have piece that not only creates a professional looking office but has an incredible practical use. Our Handcrafted conference table come in many different sizes. This allows for a more personalized table for your business. These conferences table are created to be technology friendly! Power ports are standard in our conference tables. The power ports have two USB ports and three 110 volt receptacle. Also, for convenience these ports are retractable so the can be hidden away when not in use. The style of the table can have the shape of the table customized with either a boat or rectangle shape!

Filing cabinets are an underrated and often overlooked piece of office furniture. For practical reason, even in this day of technology, a place to file is a neccassary in any office. These pieces can be beautiful and practical. Book cases, with or without credenzas, can enhance any office. Our handcrafted book cases come with all the traditional Amish woodworking techniques and are made to last! Our customer service team can walk you through all the customization options!

Whether your business is sole proprietorship or a major fortune 500 company the furniture should be selected to say I care about your comfort and we are professional. Investing in your business office decor  is an investment in your business. A professional office looks and makes clients feel more comfortable with you as a business owner.



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